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Leviathan - Series 2

Leviathan Series Two was broadcast on BBC2 in 1998 and was presented by Mark Urban.

Highlights of the series included:

Don’t Mention The War – With the Emperor in london, Ian Baruma reports from Tokyo on why the Japanese fine id so difficult to say sorry and reveals how MacArthur and the Allies let Hirohito get away without an apology.

Portsmouth People’s Princess – Michael Cole on Alexandra the adored princess in a disastrous royal marriage.

Braveheart – Nicky Campbell on Edward I and William Wallace and why the Scots hate the English

Kosovo – Nasty, brutish and short guide to the rival Serb and Albanian claims, justified by history

Brum’s the Word – with Clinton and the world in town for G8, Carl Chin demonstrates Birmingham is and always was at the apex of world history!

The Burden of History 1 & 2 – In the week of the all-Ireland referendum on the Good Friday Agreement, two young Belfast playwrights present autobiographical films tracing the histories of their sharply contrasting identities.


Honourable Member – Edwina Currie on what men took before Viagra

George Monbiot on science’s transformation of the post-war dairy cow, now producing 140 pints a day

Mark Urban on the 1998 Spanish-American War, the first film war and the dawn of the American Century

Slave to Fortune – our contribution to Windrush is the story of Ignatius Sancho, 18th century man-of-letters and the first black man in Britain to get the vote

How opposition to its dome scotched Brunel’s commission for the Great Exhibition and how Churchill opposed the 1951 Dome of Discovery

Lisa Jardine on how the inventing of printing changed the world

Epic events – Felipe Fernandez-Armesto checks out the claims for the most important event in history


This programme was made by Takeaway Media, Wingspan's parent company, which Archie ran with Neil Cameron.